Virtual Glance After School Special   V I R T U A L G L A N C E


Adrian Hidalgo

Amanda Koch-Nielsen

Erik Hjorth

Awe IX

Lorie Ballage

Curated by Tarik H. Hindic


Is this the Age of Aquarius? A wizard said its the Vapor Age, intellectuals say the descent of the western world is upon us.
Whats 4 sure is that the line between real and fake is blurred, and our world is changing faster than we can deal with.
Digital media is such an integral part of our lives it's easy to forget how much of it we actually consume.
As artists its important to reflect the times we live in. This edition of After School Special is a playful attempt at exploring the relationship between modern technology and future art. How we relate to this today will define the future, ... so let's play!


CC: 40 $

After School Special is supported by Arts Council Norway, Hordaland County Council and Bergen Municipality.

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