Who is doing the washing up? Kunsthallen  Residency

This autumn, Bergen Kunsthall takes an unusual approach and invites artists with to think with us on possible organizational models and imagine new futures. As part of our Landmark programme, the invited artists develop commissions that explore themes of hospitality, self-organisation and methods of communication, materializing in different forms and in different strands of the programme, as talks or performances, workshops, an online publication, some more visible, others working behind the scenes, exploring the scope of our learning programme with our young people's association Unge Kunstkjennere (UKK). The title of the series 'Who's doing the washing up?' is used as a way to ask questions that often go unmentioned, coming from a feminist tradition: who has a voice, who’s doing the work, what work is valued - and what happens when imagining new ways of organising begins with these questions.

The first invited artist-educator is Jordi Ferreiro (Barcelona, Spain), who investigates in his work organisational structures with participatory performance, play and learning experiments. He will work with Unge Kunstkjennere to explore how the programme of an arts organization can accommodate self-directed areas that give space a plurality of voices and actions. In a series of meetings and activities, the group will experiment with the role and ambitions of such a programme that reflects the perspectives and needs of young people in culture. The results of the workshops will materialise in a series of actions which test how to do this, to inform the future work of Bergen Kunsthall's learning program for young people.

For the second commission, Aliyah Hussain (Manchester, UK) and Anna Bunting-Branch (London, UK) are invited to collaborate on a research project exploring feminist science fiction and its proposals for different ways of communicating and organising in society. Taking as a starting point the feminist language Láadan, created by linguist and science fiction writer Suzette Haden Elgin in 1982 - intended to make space for new modes of communication, in particular between women - the artists will participate in this year's edition of Bergen Kunsthall's summer festival "POEKHALI! Landmark Takes Off". (18.8.) and produce a new audio-visual work based on this research.

For the third commission, legendary multi-media producer, writer, and DJ Terre Thaemlitz (Tokyo, Japan) will present a series of performances exploring hospitality, silence and secrecy as tools for social organising, in a live radio show produced together with long-time collaborator Laurence Rassel and a concert of her 2003 album ‘Lovebomb/Ai No Bakudan’ . (16.-17.10.)

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